Special Financial Aid
ONLY $97/Month Tuition

Many families have severe financial hardship due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. Dreams will be lost if something is not done. 

  • Since 2012, Qopolis University is a PRIVATE (not Public university), non-accredited, 100% cloud-based, business school, teaching business development with personal finance management.
  • Our cloud-based classes never closed for COVID-19. We do not have professors who fear for their lives by being around young students. 
  • We are the ONLY Carbon Negative university in America.
  • All classes are for a, 4-year, Bachelors of Business Development


Special COVID-19 Financial Aid available for 1,000 students whose family made less than $150,000 in 2019. First Come First Served.

    • One Time Student Fee - $497 - Covers: Application, Registration, Administration, Accounting and Tech Support
    • One-Time Scholarship Administration Fee - $97 - Cover setting up administration and accounting for the Financial Aid tuition. Waived for first 500 students to enroll.
    • Tuition is $97/mo. for 36 months - Covers: All classes, bandwidth, tests, reviews, messaging, webinars and masterminds.

2020 Semester Schedule

  • Summer Semester: Starts June 8th
  • Fall Semester: Starts September 8th